Jobsite Sustainability

Project Goal: LEED Silver Certification

Our goal in pursuing a LEED certification is to meet the needs of the hospital and its functions without compromising the livelihood of future generations.

ECO Initiative 

represents three core components required to live, work and build more sustainably—Education, Community and Opportunity

Sustainable Act
of the

Each week, a sustainability topic (energy, water, food) is discussed. The employees are educated on that particular topic as well as challenged to make a change in their daily lives that correlate to that topic. Through this, we hope to bring awareness to the need for sustainable living practices as well as provide an easy way for employees to participate.


.We are committed to educating all employees, clinets, subcontractors, and others that come into contact with about what sustainability means, why it matters, and why it is a priority on this jobsite.


Incoporating sustainable practicse into every aspect of our project will positively affect the communities where we live and work.

Food Truck

A garden is set up in the worker break area to demonstrate sustainability practices as well as serving as a local food source for any of our workers to enjoy. The worker break area also has a permanent food truck that serves breakfast and lunch. This is not only efficient and convenient for the workers but it keeps them from traveling to get food, thus reducing carbon emissions that are assoicated with car usage.

% Material Recycled


Waste Sorting

Waste diversion is vital to a sustainable construction jobsite as well as to achieving LEED accreditation. Each of our dumpsters is labeled with which materials it carries (concrete, metals, general waste). From our jobsite, these dumpsters are sent to a sorting facility where they are further broken down by material before heading to recycling facilities. Our jobsite is aiming for BLANK percentage waste diversion, however we are currently at BLANK percentage!


Sustainable design and construction also provides immediate and long-term economic benefits for developers, building owners, and occupants.

Flourescent Blub
 Total Recycled

A Look Into LEED Design

MMC is utilizing an Air Handling Unit (AHU) Condensate Collection Tank to collect graywater condensation that accumulates from running the AHU. The excess water is collected by a BLANK and then sent to BLANK. From there it is CLEANED before heading to the two BLANK gallon tanks. When a meter reads a certain water level amount is present in the tanks, the water will be sent to the sprinkler system to be used for irrigation purposes. ​​

Water Conservation

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